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Welcome to this special page!
The more you navigate, the more you realize how powerful this project is.
Various types of people have been shocked:
those impatient to classic activities,
those shy, those enterprising,
playful ones, those determined to change.
This is why we are looking

for reliable people here,
nervous people, frustrated people,

cheerful people …
all with a common feature:
Stop living a heavy life!
Live like a king!
Stop feeling like Cinderella!

Feel like queens!
Polish your gem and discover the diamond!
A diamond is forever.
And the diamond is YOU!
Ok, you can laugh now;
but when you have read the whole thing
and the mist will dissolve,
you will open the dances
to touch the results with your hands!
Here then, let’s discover this treasure together!
I present this system
of donation of the


50 + 50 Crowdfunding

It is a system based on DONO.
The more gifts you receive the more.
I recommend to see the video
where the mechanism used is explained.

We do it for the FUNDING! If you need an extra $ 500, $ 5,000, $ 50,000 or more 5050 Crowdfunding can help you right now using our exclusive crowdfunding cooperative system. 5050cf – 50/50 Crowdfunding is the first follower – – 2 x 2 matrix in the world that pays on ALL 6 positions. We are a cooperative crowdfunding system designed to allow people with limited contacts, mediocre business skills and little time to effectively raise all the funds needed to get out of debt and pay for all the other things they want in life. Crowdfunding is a concept that allows you to raise funds legally for anything … student debts, holidays, pay off your debts or a beneficial effort such as raising funds for a hospital, a church or a disaster. Big companies like GoFundMe, Kickstarter and Indiegogo have created millions of campaigns and earned billions of dollars for individuals, businesses and worthy causes around the world. 50/50 does the same thing but better – much better and we do it in a cooperative way. Using the other sites you are all alone and depends on your efforts. This means that if you have a small circle of friends, you will only have the opportunity to collect a small amount of money. In 50/50 – we help you raise money cooperatively as we work together as a team to help ensure that everyone is financed. 5050 Crowdfunding

Here are the instructions for registering:
Click this LINK to join:

This page will appear, you need to fill in
all data as shown below:


Here is an example on how to fill out:

Leave the Token field blank, Donor Key is the code of the person who introduced you to the CF5050 and should be left to write the password and repeat it below. It must have the following characteristics:

8 characters 1 uppercase 1 lowercase,

numbers and symbols like @

In the part below, select with the check box $ 19 and the type of donation you want to make.

At this point you receive an email with correct data Remember to memorize the credentials on a USB stick to access, so as not to lose them.

This is the email that TI arrives

Nice Emanuele,

That was an awesome first step and welcome to 5050 Crowdfunding!

So you do not know what you want to do with your donations, so you can login to your 5050 Dashboard and click Step 1 Then click on the Donation ID number to find out the best method to send your donation.

Your Credentials Are:

Personal Link:


Password: Whatever you chose

I know, Welcome to the team and NOW, LET’S HAVE FUND!

We GIVE, SHARE and RECEIVE our way to wealth in 5050 Crowdfunding, the world’s first and most rewarding peer-to-peer Team Crowdfunding System.

Let’s Get Busy With It

The personal LINK is used to make this system known to your friends

enter the site and click LOGIN fill in the fields with Mail and password and access your Control panel.

click on the top My Donation to send you will see the screen with 2 donations to make.

A 50% donation goes to those who presented you the system and the other 50% goes to your sponsor’s sponsor. It works like this for all the members.

Click on the order number at the bottom left

Donation Id -qui sotto il numero Amount Recipient Name Method Tracking Donation Date Receipt Date
37- 5- -47 $ 125.00 Elena Bruno — TBD — bitcoin ID 37—47 2018-12-08 2018-12-08
46- -96 $ 125.00 A- – m K- – -n — TBD — ETH 2018-12-08 2018-12-08

the procedure will be opened to choose the payment method, once the payment has been chosen, the transaction number will be sent by email or Whatsapp Telegram to the people who received the donations. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact me. My telegram is: @emanuelefly

Since the beneficiaries receive the payment they will activate you and you will be enabled to receive future Donations.

^^^ HOW IT WORKS 5050CF ^^^

5050CF is not a bank and does not collect any penny of your money. Be clear.

5050CF is not any online business. It does not involve investments, HYIP or another more or less classic MLM (Multi Level Marketing) program available on-line.

5050CF is a crowdfunding community, a global community of people who provide each other financial help. Thus, it is a direct person-to-person donation platform.

What do you suggest this word, find out here.

Here people help each other when they come face-to-face with their own finances, maybe even thin or who are in a state of dissatisfaction or conflict with money.

5050CF has hundreds of thousands of participants around the world and connects those in need and who are ready to offer help.

Well, any help you provide to 5050CF participants is given by your goodwill to another person and is absolutely voluntary.

Read and study carefully all the instructions provided. And when you’re completely calm and confident about your actions, start participating in this global program.

Take this into account: 5050CF does not withhold funds.

In fact, donations are not collected by the administrator, nor are they automated by the system.

Donations are rather sent directly and personally by one member to another community member, from one member’s bitcoin wallet to another member’s bitcoin wallet.

In fact, the platform is available all over the world. It is in all respects a team of volunteers.

It does not ask to sign contracts and to retain any right of ownership in providing or receiving help.

It is a bold and wonderful platform where all the people who think the same way come together to give and receive financial help.

All amounts provided for help and received as help will be transparent.

If in any case you have any problems, please contact the support team to ask your questions and the team, with a little patience, will be happy to help you.

the mechanism is
you receive
that is, join by making a donation.
Let the system know at least 2 people
You will receive your paid amount and you will also receive from other people above (Spillover),
come in before you.
The relationship is managed from person to person, the money must be entirely paid to the participants.
They do not remain in the system. Only $ 29 is needed to keep the Servers …

View the Questions and Answers section HERE

Domande Risposte 5050CF


The system has been designed in such a way that it can be used by those who raise funds for various reasons, both for personal needs and for a number of worthy causes, such as charitable associations, schools, clubs, non-profit associations, a family, and who has personal financial needs.

As special as it may seem, the Service to Humanity is 5050CF’s commitment and consists in bringing all people under one platform, without differences in religion, gender, class, color and status.

Do you have the curiosity and the desire to give us an eye (even two) more closely? Here is the introduction video.

Team Crowdfunding is the first crowdfunding system in the world that allows you to receive half of everything that happens in your matrix FOREVER!
It is based on the famous Mobius Loop and System G technology, which is the most successful 2×2 Follow-Me matrix in history.
50/50 is a team crowdfunding system that provides both top and bottom help and you can receive donations a few seconds after registration.
Team Crowdfunding is a peer-to-peer team crowdfunding system, which means there is no waiting for a matrix to fill, no middleman and 100% of all donations are immediately allocated to a beneficiary.
50/50 offers you an easy-to-navigate, fully automated dashboard that displays everything in real time so you can track your second-to-second donations.
The 50/50 system is equipped with safegaurds that keep your crowdfunding activities protected and the system can not be manipulated.


ONLY a One-Time Out Pocket donation EVER!

Receive 50% from each of the 5 independent donation levels of
$ 250, $ 500, $ 1000, $ 2000, $ 4000
$ 250 level receive 6 donations of $ 125 = $ 750
$ 500 level receive 6 donations of $ 250 = $ 1,500
$ 1,000 level receive 6 donations of $ 500 = $ 3000
$ 2,000 level receive 6 donations of $ 1,000 = $ 6,000
Level $ 4,000 receive 6 donations from $ 2,000 = $ 12,000


When your 2 x 2 matrix automatically fills another one and opens immediately to receive more donations without further efforts or requirements!


DAILY from multiple levels simultaneously without limits!

You can receive 50% of ALL 6 donations in your 2 x2 matrices from all levels simultaneously without limits!


50% of the 2 donations from your 1st level (1 and 2) goes to you and 50% goes to the person directly above you.

50% of the 4 donations of your 2nd level (3,4,5 and 6) goes to you and the other 50% goes to your first level.


Personal registration

Your personal subscribers

Help from above

Help From the bottom


The power of Mobius Loop ensures you
The Mobius Loop, which owns the Crowdfunding Team and the G System, keeps you and your team together forever. Follow your inviter and your team follows you FOREVER!





It is very important to contact me to understand in detail the operation before registering.
Do not register yourself, if you will not be accepted you will have to redo everything.
Avoid risking mistakes unnecessarily thanks.
It could happen that the payment is not successful if the procedure is wrong.
Contact me here Telegram @emanuelefly or Phone 3483221591

^^^ HOW TO PAY ^^^

There are various ways to make donations in 5050CF. The methods are indicated in the profile of the recipient of the donation, within the control panel, according to his preferences.

You can pay by bank transfer, Paypal, Dollars, or in Cryptovalute BTC – ETH eccc ….

All 5050CF participants provide help or get help with each other by sending or receiving funds directly to their own bitcoin address and other methods.

This helps to keep all transactions very transparent and free from fraud. Using the 5050CF bitcoin it is also able to eliminate many management costs, proof of payments and to have very short waiting times for confirmation,

That’s why 5050CF asks everyone to have their own bitcoin account to get the benefits of the program.


So, ready to write a new solar page of your life?

Take a seat, you are welcome!

Open this door and take your position in the community.

Breath to the trumpets and start the dance!







Che cosa è il crowdfunding

Leggi l’articolo sopra per Scoprire che cosa è il Crowdfunding.



Per restare sempre agiornato

ed avere assistenza continua

Iscriviti al Gruppo Facebook.

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Arcobaleno VIVO_n

We can observe everything from the outside and understand that we are in an impressive historical moment where each of us is participating in the expression of an economic system, honest, a flow where there is no longer need to make some poor to enrich the others.
Imagine that the current financial system is parasitized, these parasites feed themselves by subtracting energy from the people, energy-money, limiting a possible community self-esteem made of abundance in Joy.
Pensonalmente the pitiful condition of the world financial system has helped me to become stronger thanks to the many challenges, so I’m Grato!
But now enough, now is the time to get back our Sovereignty!
Now imagine an authentic system, where the energy-money flows freely and where its flow implies the minimum effort and a maximum continuous yield by imagining! !
A fair system, where an individual gesture generates prosperity on a collective level, all for a GESTO, an exchange, a donation, an aid to others.
The universe creates itself with the law of minimum effort and maximum efficiency, which generates spectacles, landscapes, sounds, shapes and colors, breathtaking!
Today as we can be witnesses of a revolution, learning from the universe itself, we can create abundance and new structures. It is here and it is true and alive, new healthy economic systems!
He thinks that what we earn in bitcoin does not even need to be, just to make us understand what a magnificent expression we are living in this period.
You can also take video photos of this historical moment, because it is a pure unstoppable revolution in progress.
You are a part of this movement, You are also this moment!
I also take this opportunity to congratulate YOU for having arrived here. Congratulations you have been Straurdinario! Now Ti Cosiglio Warmly prepare you with a sound education training in regard to economic freedom.
WE ARE A FAMOUS FAMILY!We are like icing sugar, light, sweet and beautiful to look at, we bring smiles, we give possibilities, practical accomplishments in a now complex world.
We can really recover our Monetary Sovereignty, and then move on to Financial Sovereignty and then to the Individual in every aspect, but know that this is a process and not something that you buy, but that you earn
Not everyone will be ready for this experience, so to respect those who are not ready yet is the noblest gesture you can do, Respect is everything!
Avoid convincing, launch the call and who will be ready will respond, you will save yourself to find yourself prey to an energetic vampirism.


I repeat something essential!

It is healthy to understand that every one of us lives in an individual process that participates in a collective process, therefore the experience of each one of us is essential and judgment only creates desequilibriums, accept and let go … the concession law is something really amazing!

The people who are ready for this process towards financial freedom are those people who will listen to you, those interested will ask you questions, you will notice their interest and harmony, going into resonance, you will feel a special connection, empathy and more you will talk about the project plus the your energy will increase!

You would have never imagined it!?!?!? !!!

A minimum investment and hallucinatory yields and all because there is no government in the middle, there are no banks or parasites, a new economy is the act and You, We are the components!
This is the dream of many Networkers, a dream come true, no products, no company, no tax!





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