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The cryptocurrency is

the money of the future.

The digital currency
It is clearly the future

of online payments.



 Those who are far from the Beginning of Swissmine have the better chance to come out triumphant from the gold rush of Coins.
Since we, as well as many others know the history and the evolution that has
had Bitcoin (Click here to find out BitCoin) and often we are angry and we regretted not to have taken part from the beginning, with Swissmine we were very careful and timely. The course of Bitcoin in the beginning was only a few cents, but at its peak, however, reached 1,200.- € and now worth € 1100.-.
In 2009 a German invested ca. $ 27 in Bitocoins. A year later, when you are reminded of his investment, his 5000 coins were worth 500 000 euros.
We at par of almost all we missed the first digital gold rush with Bitcoins in 2009. But this is our second chance. The timing is perfect!
Which new users can proceed shipped with Swissmine even without a beginning knowledge of the technical details. At first it is important to make sure as soon as possible their own place to be now in the elite group.


1. What Swissmine? It is convenient to join?
SWISSMINE is a future digital cryptocurrency. It is the logical and consequent development of the Bitcoin success story in Swiss style.
The company headquarters is in Zug, the digital financial center of the new Crypto Valley of Switzerland. We are surrounded by technology pioneers like BitCoin, Ethereum, Monetas, Blockchain Source, Swissmine and many other innovative companies in the industry cryptocurrency.
Here the groundwork is laid and the future standards of encryption and algorithms for cryptocurrency.
Beginning 04 February 2017 at 12:00
The first units of the Genesis-Block New SWISSMINE currency, will be activated in the system on 04 February 2017 at 12:00.
Headquarters – Switzerland
The reasons why it was chosen the corporate headquarters in Switzerland is due to the advantages of the place, from the ancient traditions in a private and confidential environment, stability and direct democracy and an extensive computer skills and knowledge environment.
The cryptocurrency are treated as foreign currency in Switzerland. This means that for this new new regulations are not necessary coinage and is also particularly advantageous for tax purposes.
Great marketing plan Hybrid
By virtue of the rapid svipullo of his brilliant marketing plan, Swissmine is ideal for investors who Networker. No “dead legs”.

All SWISSMINE are insured for free.
13% Bonus-Direct
On each packet of information sponsored directly receive 13% Bonus Direct-on-Business Volume (BV) with daily count.
10% Fast-Start-Bonus
For example. € 500 Bonus for an accumulated volume of at least 5,000 BV and at least two lines that have a Prime TESTER-50 during the first 30 days package.
Team-up to 22% Bonus
One qualification with 2 Partner sponsored directly (Firstline), who bought themselves an information package for 50, – €. All BV’s accumulate forever. Team-Bonus is counted daily.
Matching-Bonus up to 20% and up to ’11 level
Matching-Bonus on the earnings of its promoters only qualification + + daily count.
Diamond-Pool with 1% of the world total
Depending on the career level achieved you receive 1-7 units of Diamond-Pool. The Diamond-Pool is distributed 2 times a year, every year.
Bonuses and career levels are maintained forever
Each share bonus and each reached career level, are then maintained for ever



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