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Xtreme Fuel Treatment – Test Results eng


Xtreme Fuel Treatment – Test Results




Smog and pollution from the internal combustion engine is a billion dollar a year world wide health expenditure. As a result Governments talk about imposing new legislation for future fuel standards and expect the consumer to pick up the bill for future cars made to achieve a certain fuel economy. This would take an estimated 10 years+ to change over the existing infrastructure and achieve any meaningful results. What they do not focus on is using the EXISTING low cost fuel saving and pollution reduction technology we have today to achieve a real time new health standard, prevent cancers and other related smog related diseases.

Panacea has tested 2 proven low cost fuel saving and pollution reduction modifications/additives that can achieve the bottom line. Put money back in your pockets at the fill up and not in the oil companies. Plus improve our public health. We achieved a $20K+ a year fuel saving on 5 cement trucks and significantly reduced their pollution. Governments have tried to reduce emissions by the introduction of the “Adblue” additive to lower emissions, and in Austin Texas they added in an additive to the fill up stations in an attempt to lower pollution. Both these additives imposed by government do not match the pollution reduction results of the XFT Xtreme Fuel Treatment or Z5 and are not as universally adaptable as them.

Their additives also do not save fuel like XFT – Xtreme Fuel Treatment and Z5. The emissions reductions of the Z5 and the Xtreme Fuel Treatment are well proven and documented. These mods can also be used to save the tax payer money on city council applications. Panacea intends to use our data and any further data collected from you if you choose to use these mods and push for a subsidy from the government to help implement them in all vehicles and lower pollution to improve public health.

If you use these and can report your results please contact us. The benefits following these two low cost modifications/additives include:
1. A fuel additive is proven to prolong engine life and reduces wear
2. Increased fuel mileage and economy
3. Improved vehicle performance and horse power
4. Reduced harmful emissions and pollutants
5. Will not affect your car warranty

More background on these systems can be found…

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The nobel prize in chemistry 1973 was awarded to Ernst Otto Fischer and Geoffrey Wilkinson.
Discovered in 1951
Nobel Prize 1973
Original Patent 1986
Patent number 4,585,462…………

Prezentare de combustibil Economii – RO

Prezentare de combustibil Economii



vedea filmul aici



Cineva vrea să câștige bani cu arrivoooo combustibil

XFT functioneaza eficient in toate tipurile de carburant *Diesel *Benzina*Biocarburant *Carburant pt.ambarcatiuni


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Have you seen this short video about how XFT is good for the environment? Anyone can do this one thing to make our world a cleaner place. Share with those who care about our planet!

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